About Us

The Suspension Guys (TSG) have been on the ground floor tuning suspensions for customers for the last 10 years. We have been providing expert level suspension tunes increasing the safety, capability, and value of the investment of our customers. We love what we do and are eager to bring increased profit and value to our dealers and their customers.

Our Story

Our founder, Eugene Alston, is a hardcore motorsport enthusiast. Since 2010 he has poured his heart and soul into his passion for racing. During his development as a racer, he discovered a passion for the engineering that goes into the race craft. In 2017 he completed his Bachelors of Science in Automotive Engineering from BYU-Idaho.

As a method to pay his way through college, Eugene started and operated a full service shop. He quickly developed a reputation for quality work, keen attention to detail, and going above and beyond for his customers. Customers appreciated the knowledge he had with suspension. Eugene was able to maximize the capability of the stock components. Customers were extremely impressed with how well their stock suspension can perform when tuned correctly.

Toyota North America recruited Eugene to work as an engineer within their post-production quality department. Eugene worked on a wide range of projects that allowed him to understand and utilize Toyota’s principles behind their systems and applications. Eugene envisioned how he could unite this methodology with his vast knowledge of engineering, racing and suspension systems to develop an effective system for the tuning of suspension components. This was the birth of TSG.

What we offer:

Recommended Suspension Settings with Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions

  • TSG is here to offer your business more value to your customer and increase profit opportunities
    • Our recommended suspension settings are constantly researched and developed to ensure the best product for the end user, your customer
    • Our detailed step-by-step instruction are easy to follow and guarantee success

What the Customer Receives:

Vast improvements in safety

  • In regard to safety, the best upgrade after high performance tires is a properly tuned suspension
    • Properly tuned suspension increases:
      • Contact of the tire to the road
      • Agility for cornering or object avoidance
    • Properly tuned suspension decreased:
      • Stopping distance
      • Risk

Maximize Investment

  • Millions of dollars and countless hours of engineering and development have been put into the design of suspension components from the manufacturer
    • The truth is the benefits of the design cannot be maximized unless the suspension is tuned for the specific end user
    • The problem is the settings from the factory need to compromise to a variety of road conditions and varying rider mass
      • The mass of the rider can vary from 23% to 47% of the total load the suspension system has to manage
    • Compromised setting cannot perform optimally for the specific owner of the vehicle
    • TSG offers uncompromised suspension for the end user!
  • Suspension systems are equipped with the ability for fine tune adjustment through the preload, rebound, and compression adjusters on the front and read of the vehicle
    • Most people never touch these settings due to a lack of knowledge of how to properly adjust each aspect of the system
    • TSG provides the precise adjustments to fine tune the vehicle for the end user and their riding style!

Massive Improvement at Uncompromising Value

  • There is no better “bang for the buck” an owner can make than investing into their suspension
    • No other upgrade offers as as much increased safety, peace of mind, and vehicle capability for the same price
    • The tune last the life of the vehicle
    • The cost of the service can be bundled into the monthly payment for an increase of less than $5 per month to the end user!